Penfield Children’s Center offers physical, occupational and speech therapy before children enter school. As a contracted provider for early intervention services through the Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program, Penfield Children’s Center provides these services in children’s homes and at our center.

Services are available to children with developmental delays or diagnosed conditions that put them at risk for a delay. Penfield provides partnerships between parents or caregivers and a team of early intervention professionals who provide service coordination, speech, physical and occupational therapy, special education, behavioral health services, family support and education.

In addition, outpatient therapy is provided for older children who are attending school. Therapists work with individuals from birth to adulthood who require therapy to recover from injuries and surgery.

59 children received acute, short-term or long-term occupational, physical or speech therapy services.

77.4% of children who participated in the Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program made substantial progress in their cognition, speech, fine and gross motor, and self help skills.

75.2% made significant gains in their social emotional development.

The Milwaukee County Birth-to-Three Early Intervention program at Penfield served 800 children.