Dear Friend of Penfield Children’s Center,

In 2016, Penfield Children’s Center took the next step in its transformational work to serve Milwaukee’s central city children.

Each year, parents witness the amazing gains their children are making through the tireless work of Penfield staff who provide comprehensive early intervention services. Parents feel included in this developmental journey, while imagining exciting futures for their children. Unfortunately, for many of our families, they are not quite ready for their children to leave our care at age 3.

In September 2016, we made the first step toward deepening our impact and continuing our important work by opening Penfield Montessori Academy, a fully-inclusive Montessori public charter school. We welcomed kindergarten students into our three multi-age classrooms (K3, K4 and K5) last year. We will add one grade each year until Penfield Montessori Academy is a fully-enrolled K3 through 8th grade school by September 2024.

For many of our children, their developmental journey begins at Penfield Children’s Center. Our focus has not changed. Each day, the staff at Penfield Children’s Center are driven by a shared goal – to create a pathway for all children, particularly those with special needs or living in poverty, to a full and healthy life by maximizing the individual potential of each child.

Our 2016 Annual Report illustrates many of these children’s amazing journeys. Last year, we celebrated our new birth-through-early adolescence approach with Chelsea, a fun-loving Penfield Montessori student who initially came to Penfield’s Special Care Nursery five years ago. The amazing progress Chelsea has made – and will continue to make at Penfield Montessori Academy – is truly a testament to Penfield’s amazing staff.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we will continue to change the lives of children in our community.


Christine P. Holmes
President and CEO

Robert L. Mikulay
Chairman, Board of Directors